Custom Etched Wooden Charms (without hardware)

$13.10 - $2,780.00

Give us your text, artwork, logo, or design idea and we'll turn it into beautiful, high-quality etched wood charms with permanent engravings!
We offer multiple sizes, quantities, and 3 types of wood.
We can etch and cut any design! We can include optional hang-tab holes for you to add hanging hardware.

(*please note, this listing does NOT include hardware. If your design requires hardware, you will need to add it yourself with this listing. This item is available for purchase with keychain hardware in our shop.)


They are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications!

- custom artwork keychains for sale
- promotional logo keychains
- wooden pendants or beads for necklaces or jewelry
- wedding or party favors
- mementos
- knitting or clothing tags
- custom wooden ornaments


Sizes and Colors

We offer the choice of 4 sizes:
- 1" (2.54 cm) ~~~~~ (from $0.42 - $0.87 a piece)
- 1.25" (3.18 cm) ~~~~~ (from $0.81 - $1.27 a piece)
- 2" (5.08 cm) ~~~~ (from $1.22 - $1.67 a piece)
- 3" (7.62 cm) ~~~~~ (from $2.78 - $3.21 a piece)

We offer 3 types of wood:

- Maple (light beige)
- Cherry (reddish light brown)
- Walnut (darker brown)

(you're welcome to use multiple woods if you want. Please let us know when we discuss the specifics of your order)


Quantities: For higher quantities you can get multiple different designs! Or you can get all the same design, it's up to you.

15 pcs ~~~~~ 1 design (15 all)
30 pcs ~~~~~ up to 2 designs (15 ea)
50 pcs ~~~~~ up to 3 designs (16 - 17 - 17)
80 pcs ~~~~~ up to 4 designs (20 ea)
100 pcs ~~~~~ up to 5 designs (20 ea)
200 pcs ~~~~~ up to 8 designs (25 ea)
500 pcs ~~~~~ up to 10 designs (50 ea)
1000 pcs ~~~~~ up to 20 designs (50 ea)


~ Design Process ~

We will need to discuss the specifics of your design via:
email: solholidayshop@gmail.com Or
telegram: @kiquekun

Remember, you can use more designs if you order higher quantities!
For the best quality possible, if you have vector-based, SVG, AI, or PNG files that would be best, but we can work with whatever file format you have.
We can show you a proof of your design before proceeding.


We can whip up a simple custom logo for you if you don't have one! Such as text and a simple graphic.
These charms can be text-only if that's what you want too.


Turnaround for these will be 1-2 weeks, possibly more if you place a very large order such as 500 or more.

***** This item is available with keychain hardware attached for you, please visit our shop